The Free Flowing Musical Experience

Alexandria’s Legendary Acoustic Jam Band


Scott and Gregg make up the interactive musical adventure known as The Free Flowing Musical Experience. The musicians aim to capture the diversity of their influences and expand upon each song as an improvisational journey into what can be found on the other end. Rock, folk, country, blues, jazz, and original material is what makes up the Free Flowing Musical Experience catalog. The song list is typically determined by the audience and the vibe and energy in the room. The blues riffs of renowned harmonica player, Mike Gaffney, help The Free Flowing Musical Experience delve even further into the vastness of the bands various influences. Originally founded in 1986, The Free Flowing Musical Experience continues to be one of the area’s most consistent draws.



For over twenty-five years Scott Fallon has been a performing musician entertaining audiences throughout the DC/Metro area, nationally, and internationally. Having played well over one-thousand shows at various bars, clubs, weddings, corporate events, music festivals, etc., brings a lot of experience. Scott is clearly a seasoned professional and he has developed and maintained positive relationships with club owners and patrons, as well as within the local musician community.  As a musician, Scott has shared the stage and spotlight with everyone from renowned artists such as Warren Haynes of Govt. Mule, to national acts such as Better Than Ezra and The Nighthawks, to regional acts such as The All Mighty Senators and The Billy Walton Band. Over the years Scott has played local bars and clubs to famous venues such as The Hog’s Breath Saloon (Key West), 9:30 Club (Washington, DC), and the Knitting Factory (New York, NY). Scott’s reputation was on full display in the summer of 2015 when he organized Alexandria, Virginia’s, first ever Alexandria Live Music Week. The event included over thirty-seven venues and featured over one hundred and seventy performances by local and national artists. The event was featured in local and national publications and newscasts. Scott himself performed each night during the festival as well as on the local news.



Gregg Park has been a student of music and the guitar for his entire life. His influences range from Classic Rock to Heavy Metal to Folk to Classical to Motown to Country to Blues. His diversity of musical tastes is reflected in his resonant and complex guitar style. Gregg started out on drums but by his thirteenth birthday he moved to the guitar, his true passion. Over the course of 30 years Gregg has steadily evolved musically by studying and performing in many types of bands reflective of his influences. From his early days in Heavy Metal and Classic Rock bands to other diverse projects such as Gospel, Country, Variety (dance), Oldies, Acoustic duos and trios. Gregg also performed in the role of Angus Young in nationally recognized AC/DC tribute band, BS (Bon Scott) for many years. Whether performing with Scott Fallon in the Free Flowing Musical Experience, with his country band, SoHo Down, or acoustically with his long time accomplice, Chris Melera, Gregg’s energy is always infectious with the musicians he shares the stage with, and with the audience enjoying the show. Gregg has developed an affinity and talent for capturing the style and essence of the guitar players he grew up listening to while allowing his personal touch to echo through each beautifully improvised phrase.


The Scott Fallon Experience

Scott’s solo acoustic performance has been described as energetic, diverse, entertaining, and fun. His keep the audience guessing approach is what has people coming back for more and is a major reason for his reliable draw in the DC/Metro area. Vocalists such as the respected Kate McMahon and Michael Gaffney, local guitarists, bassists, and percussionists sit in to create the experience in The Scott Fallon Experience.

“These guys are mighty fine.”

– Mark Wenner, The Nighthawks

“Scott is a natural entertainer that takes a sad song and makes it better.”

The Outer Banks Coast

“Scott and Gregg are two of Alexandria’s most respected musicians.”

Red Brick Town

“We can always count on Gregg and Scott for a great performance and a great crowd.”

Michael Armellino, Owner – Bilbo Baggins, Alexandria, VA

“Scott is a consistent contributor to the area’s music scene.”

Northern Virginia Rhythm

“Scott Fallon continues to rock houses all across the area both as a solo performer and as the rhythm guitarist for Trip Lizard.”

Washington City Paper

“Scott’s appeal is his diverse music vocabulary and his innate ability to entertain an audience.”

The Manassas Weekly Gazette

“The highlight of Trip Lizard’s overall sound is the guitar work. Scott Fallon’s rhythm guitar and vocals help the band cross musical boundaries with a signature edge.”